I’ve been quite busy developing lately and I want to record some thoughts and share what I’m doing.

1) A WYSIWYG 3d editor using a modified AFRAME scene inspector

I cloned the aframe-inspector and started to hack away at it. aframe-inspector is a React component, so I figure it’s a sign that I should jump on this whole React moneytrain bandwagon before it takes off without me. To be honest it’s pretty fun. I like the whole component lifecycle concept, and aframe-inspector comes with a small built-in event messaging system, so I don’t have to take on learning Redux immediately.

2) Creative Coding with Unity

MSDN’s Channel 9 website media thing comes out with some pretty decent content. I went through their Creative Coding With Unity series and hooked up my Oculus Rift to it. The app you build is a series of rotating cubes in a nightclub looking room. I attached an AudioSource component to four of the rotating cubes. Each of the rocks were assigned one note each - A, C, E, and G. I used the Audio Spatializer SDK to create a 3d surround sound effect. I’m having some issues with the Oculus crashing though; last time I was on, the rendering was very glitchy.

Another creative coding project that I got working was hooking up my keyboard to Unity and creating effects using the MidiJack plugin. I want to create real time audio visual art (could one say, perhaps, reactive audio visuals? somewhere in the distance, a silicon valley tech hipster perks their ears)

(tech hipster is actually me)