I have been busy with multiple online courses while job hunting and thought I’d share my opinions about them here.

Getting Started With Redux and Building React Applications With Idiomatic Redux: Dan Abramov’s fantastic set of tutorials for developing Redux/React apps. I had been learning React for about a month by the time I took this course, so I had a grasp of the fundamentals of React.
This course opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about React, and frontend development in general. I love the idea of having a single, global app state that gets filtered down by pure functions (reducers).
The course is dense; even though each lesson is only a few minutes (the longest one clocks in at 11 minutes), they are packed with information and ideas about how to structure your app.
I think this is the best place to start for any developer that has some familiarity with React, and is trying to take their skills to the next level.

What The Flexbox?!: Wes Bos has put together an easy-to-follow tutorial on the CSS Flexbox API. I had some prior experience with Flexbox, but had forgotten most of it when I took this course. The course is short and sweet, and at 20 videos that are around ~5 minutes each, it’s easy to knock out in a day. Good for people with some CSS experience that need an introduction to Flexbox.

Start Learning React: This course was alright; I felt like some of the videos were short, and some concepts could be explained better. I took this course to fill in any gaps in my basic React knowledge, but would not recommend it for absolute beginners to React.

Rails 4 Patterns: Code School was one of the first video-based tutorial sites I started using, and I have yet to be disappointed by any of their courses. I have Rails experience, but all the non-Rails projects I’ve been working on lately have dulled my Rails knowledge. This course was a great way to quickly be re-introduced to Rails best practices.

I’m looking forward to completing these video courses:

Breaking The Ice With Regular Expressions: I want to learn more about RegExes (complex RegExes, RegEx engines) because I think it would make me more well-rounded. Also, good RegEx knowledge is always indispensable when using grep and awk. I constantly find myself Google’ing the same patterns and should start learning how it works under the hood to save myself some time.

Discover DevTools: Another course that I think will make me more well-rounded. I know how to get around in DevTools already, and I feel like this course would fill in any gaps in my knowledge as well as teach me something new.

ThinMatrix OpenGL Tutorials: I had started this course back in July 2017, and got to episode 36. Leaving something like that unfinished really bothers me, and I am really interested in 3D graphics. The tutorial set is in Java, and I was writing it in C++, so it was a good way for me to keep my C++ skills sharp as well.